Today I managed to get two hours of work done at the hangar. I spent most of the time cleaning the Permatex Anti-Seize off the wing spar bolts and out of the bolt holes in the spar. I had used the Anti-Seize as a lubricant when I installed the wings so I could drill the rear spar attachment hole. I have subsequently learned that the Anti-Seize contains graphite, which can promote corrosion of aluminum. I labouriously cleaned the Anti-Seize off the bolts and out of the spar holes using acetone.

I had hoped to install the wings tomorrow morning. But the weather guessers have substantially changed the forecast temperatures. Now they claim that it will get down to -16 deg C overnight, and only get up to -12 tomorrow. I have put the wing mounting work party on hold, in the hope of working on a warmer day.