I got out to the hangar for a few hours on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I installed the empennage fairing. I got the ailerons rigged (but need to do some confirmatory checks to make sure). I wired the position light and strobe light in the rudder bottom fairing and installed the fairing, and did a functional tests of the position and strobe lights.

I spent a lot of time chasing a minor control restriction that can be felt just before hitting full up elevator. I couldn't find where it was coming from, so ended up disassembling portions of the elevator control circuit so I could see which portion of the circuit was causing the restriction. I eventually tracked it down to something causing the aft end of the most forward elevator pushrod to bind inside the control stick weldment. Unfortunately I haven't yet found a way to see inside so I can see what is causing the restriction. I will disconnect that pushrod during the next hangar visit so I can troubleshoot this. If it isn't easy to fix, I may end up adjusting the pushrod lengths to put the aft stick a bit further forward. That should stop the interference, but will probably require making a small bend in the aft stick so it doesn't hit the front seat back at full forward stick.

I am ohh so close to having everything aft of the rear baggage area 100% finished. All I have to do is install the tail wheel control chains. I need to order two eye bolts to put in the rudder control horn, so the wear from the chains will occur on a replaceable part, rather than on the difficult to replace rudder control horn.