I got out to the hangar for several hours on Monday and Thursday. I got a few small things finished off, but the big progress was on the pitot tube. I soldered the pins for the pitot heat connector to the pitot heat wires, installed the pitot tube, did a functional test of the pitot heat, and connected the pitot line to the pitot tube. Then I installed the access covers on the bottom of the left wing.

Everything on the left wing is now complete from the wing tip to about 6 inches from the wing root (I need to install the fuel and fuel vent lines, and hook up the fuel quantity sender to the fuel gauge). Everything on the right wing is complete from the wing tip to the NACA scoop under the wing (I need to hook up the OAT probe, fresh air vent tube, fuel quantity sender wires, fuel line and fuel vent line). Everything on the fuselage is complete from the tail to the aft baggage compartment (except for two screws in the rudder bottom, and the tail wheel springs).