I have made zero progress in the last two weeks due to a combination of travel and weather.

Sunday, February 24th I flew to beautiful Savannah, GA for two weeks, and got back a bit after midnight on Friday night, March 7th (or perhaps more accurately, early Saturday morning). The trip to Savannah was to conduct type certification flight tests so Transport Canada will eventually be able to issue Type Certificates for the Gulfstream G350, G450, GV, G500 and G550. I didn't fly all five models, as they are more similar than different. But I did do two flights on the prototype GV, and one flight on the prototype G450. The time not flying was spent in meetings, reviewing various aspects of the design and Gulfsteam's flight test program.

Savannah is an absolutely wonderful small city, with a huge number of beautiful old houses in the downtown core. I didn't mind the nice weather either, as I needed a break from winter. We had one day off in the two weeks, so on Sunday morning I visited the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, which covers the history of the US Army Air Force 8th Air Force, which was formed in Savannah in 1942, and then moved to England for the rest of WWII, eventually growing to over 200,000 personel, and suffering over half of the casualties of the whole US Army Air Force. In the afternoon I visited RV-10 builder Todd Swezey, and then drove down to the Eagle Neck Airpark where I met several RV builders and flyers.

I had hoped to work on the aircraft today, but the 51 cm of snow that we got in the storm that ended this morning killed that idea. There is no chance that I would have been able to drive to the hangar. I'll give them a few days to clear the taxiways before I chance it.

I worked long hours in Savannah, and built up quite a bit of comp time. I hope to take several days off over the next few weeks so I can make progress on the RV-8.