In late March and early April I closed off a number of small items, and started cataloging all the non-building type things that had to happen before the aircraft is legal to fly. Such as altimeter and altitude encoder checks, ELT check, etc. I spent quite a bit of time tracking down the details of the required altimeter and altitude encoder checks - they are very well hidden. CAR 605.86(1) says the aircraft must have an approved maintenance schedule, which conforms to the Aircraft Equipment and Maintenance Standard (a.k.a. CAR 625). CAR 625.86 says that as part of the approved maintenance schedule, owners of non-commercial small aircraft must comply with Appendix C to CAR 625, and in there we find the details of the required ELT, altimeter, transponder and altitude encoder checks. It looks like Woodlawn Instruments are the best local place for the altimeter and altitude encoder checks, and Canadian Airmotive Avionics are the best place to have the ELT and transponder checks done. Canadian Airmotive Avionics will even come out to Smiths Falls to do the portion of the transponder check that must be done on the aircraft.

I tracked down a set of supposedly accurate digital scales, and the tools I need to pull two cylinders and do a borescope inspection for internal engine corrosion. I need to get two cylinder gasket sets though.

I was on the road the last two weeks (one week in London, ON, home for 35 hours, then one week in Toulouse, France), so today was the first work session for about 2.5 weeks. Three hardware orders came in while I was on the road, so I was able to finish off several small items that were on hold for lack of small parts. I'm still a bit jet-lagged, as I got back from France on Friday afternoon, so I ran out of steam mid afternoon and came home.

Today I did some scouting around the airfield looking for some sloped terrain to help get a suitable nose high attitude for a fuel flow test. It looks like there are potential places to do this test, including one across the ramp from the fuel pumps, behind the "Beech Hangar".

I hope to be around town for the next several weeks, so will be pushing hard to close off all the remaining items . I'm not too many weeks away from doing the first engine run, the weight and balance, etc, then having the final inspection.