I was on the road all week, and had a bunch of other stuff to do at home on Saturday, so I only got out to the hangar today.

I needed to fabricate a breather line for the inverted oil system. I wanted to run the breather line down between the exhaust pipes, so a rubber hose seemed out of the question.

I didn't have a tubing bender for 3/4" aluminum hose, so I decided to try using sand to keep the tube from collapsing. I purchased two sets of flared fittings and end plugs. I flared the ends, installed one set of fittings, filled the 6' long tube with sand, then installed the fittings on the other end. I was able to bend the tube using some leather as a cushion, then cut it down to length.

I didn't get the breather line fully installed today, as I ran out of time. More pictures after I finish this job.