After I got home yesterday, I tried to contact Grand Rapids Technologies to ask for assistance with the fuel flow activation problem. I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone, so resorted to e-mail. Tim, the EIS technical support guy, e-mailed back with some advice, but that didn’t help.

It looked like the engine monitor would have to go back to the factory, so this morning, I zipped into the hangar to carefully record all the configuration settings, then removed the unit. Today is a holiday up here, but I planned to courier it out tomorrow.

Tim, the tech support guy, e-mailed me back mid-day today with another possible fix - he had dug into their records, and found that the unit had been calibrated twice. The activation code was changed when it was calibrated the second time, but they sent me the first, out-of-date, activation code. I tried the correct code, and it worked. It was a wasted trip to the hangar, but it did force me to update my record of the configuration settings. I’m going to put them in the POH, so they are handy in case the unit ever loses its memory somehow.

This afternoon and evening I got two rounds of fibreglas work done on the cowling to plenum chamber transition. Things are coming along nicely, but there are at least two more days required to finish that off.

I’ll be heading on the road for most of the week, and will have family in town for a week starting on Saturday. So I won’t make any real progress until the week of 14 July. If things go very smoothly, I could possibly have the final inspection late that week.