I had grand hopes to clean off the loose ends so the plane was ready to fly this weekend, just in case the paperwork arrives in time. But, I have been fighting some sort of digestive tract illness for several days now. Some days are better than others, but I have had to stick pretty close to the facilities most of the time. This has greatly hindered my hangar work session plans, and it now seems quite unlikely that I will be ready to fly this weekend. I will endeavour to close off those loose items by the end of the weekend, so the aircraft is ready to fly.

Monday I head on the road for the week - two days in Toronto, then two nights in Brazil. I fly overnight each way for the Brazil trip fly down Tuesday night, and arrive back home Saturday morning. Needless to say I won’t be doing any RV flying on that Saturday (the 23rd). Maybe Sunday the 24th, if the paperwork is here, and the weather is suitable.

So, it is hard to say when this thing will get airborne.