I’ve had a fairly good week, all in all. The ankle is working a bit better every day. Once I get it warmed up, I can walk faster than I could a week ago, but I still don’t have much endurance.

I headed out to the hangar today, intending to change the desiccant plugs, reinstall the EFIS and turn and bank indicator, and then update the EFIS to the latest software standard. I had removed both of those before the accident to get them repaired. I replaced the desiccant plugs in five minutes, then couldn’t get the forward baggage door unlocked so I could get at the area ahead of the instrument panel. I wasn’t sure if I had the correct key for the baggage door lock. I broke off one of the original keys a while back, and damaged the lock getting the remains of the key out. At that time, I was able to open the lock once I got the second copy of the key, but I ordered a new lock anyway. The new lock was in the car when it burnt, and I’m no longer sure whether the key I tried today was for the old lock or the one that burnt. I left the hangar in disgust, and drove home - 1:15 of driving round trip for five minutes of productive work. Blast.

I’ll try the baggage door lock again late Tuesday afternoon. I’ll buy some lock lubricant, but if I can’t get it unlocked I’ll drill it out. I’ve ordered a new lock set which I will pick up at the Aircraft Spruce booth at Oshkosh.

Terry didn’t have as good a week as I did. She foolishly tried gardening for a few minutes mid-week, and her back was sore for a couple of days afterwards. She is also having quite a bit of pain from her pinched nerves, which makes it hard to sleep some nights. She has another appointment with her neurosurgeon on Wednesday - hopefully it will be productive. It is high time she got a full diagnosis so they can start to treat the root issue, whatever it is. At the very least she needs some better drugs to deal with the pain.