We’re having a good week, all in all. Tuesday afternoon I did a Cessna C550 simulator session to check out the various injured body parts. I wanted to be sure that everything had recovered so that it was ready to make worst case control inputs. I tried rejected take-offs with max braking, engine fail at rotation and continue the take-off, max crosswind landings, pitch trim runaways, etc. The ankle, wrist and shoulder did very well. I was surprised to find that the right foot, which had not been injured in the accident, had quite a bit of pain during the max braking events. But, it didn’t stop me from getting the required pressure on the brakes, so I decided I was good to go. The range of motion in the right ankle is just enough to apply rudder without getting brake too. I’ll want to get it working a bit better before I fly the RV-8 again.

Tuesday evening I did a long work session at the hangar, and managed to get the forward baggage door lock removed. It turned out that I had the wrong key. One key had been broken off in the lock in late winter. Another key was lost in the car accident. There should be another key somewhere, but I can’t find it. The key on my key ring was for the new lock sets that I had intended to install to replace the damaged one - these locks were in the car when it burnt. Removing the door was quite a difficult job, but I got it off without damage. I’ve ordered new locks, which I will pick up at the ACS booth at Oshkosh.

Wednesday morning I went flying with one of our training pilots in a C550. I was a bit rusty, but not too bad. It was wonderful to climb up above the clouds and see the sun. It had been over four months since I last flew, which is by far the biggest break from flying I’ve had since 1982. I did all the events needed to get requalified, so I’m cleared to fly as captain again. I’ll get requalifed in the Beech C90A and the mighty C182 in early August.

Wednesday afternoon I went with Terry for a followup visit with her neuro-surgeon. She told him about the pain she was having in her neck, shoulders and arms, and he did some tests that confirmed there was some sort of nerve problem. He asked his staff to get her an MRI ASAP, and he gave her a prescription for some much better pain medications. He was hopeful to get an MRI slot on Friday before we went to Wisconsin, but it turned out there were no slots available. She has an appointment for the week after we return from Green Bay. The new pain meds are doing the job, and Terry had the first good night’s sleep she has had in a long time. We are very encouraged now that there is a path that should lead to diagnosis and treatment of whatever is causing her pain.

My ankle was not happy with the very busy Tuesday and Wednesday. It swelled up a bit, and was somewhat painful. I spent much more time today with my leg up, and I’ll take it easy tomorrow as well. It is clear that I will need to pace myself at Oshkosh.