Saturday 12 Sept 2009
0.3 air time
0.4 flt time

Inter-flight activities:

  1. Completed annual inspection.
  2. Adjusted pitch trim governor to highest speed.
  3. Shipped EFIS to Dynon for service, and reinstalled it.
  4. Removed turn and bank and had it repaired. Reinstalled it.


  1. Slow flight.
  2. Stalls.
  3. Avionics functional check.
  4. Two touch and go landings.

Existing Snags:

  1. RPM still low in level flight with max rpm selected.
  2. SD-8 Alternator does not seem to be working. Will defer troubleshooting until engine break-in is completed, as it would be useful to check for AC output from alternator during an engine ground run.
  3. Small amount of right rudder pedal force needed in cruise. Need to add a wedge on the left side of the rudder trailing edge.