Thursday 17 Sept 2009
1.4 air time
1.5 flt time

Inter-flight activities:

  1. Reseated connector on back of Narco 122D, which restored it to serviceability.


  1. GNS 430 GPS flight test, in accordance with guidelines in FAA AC 20-138A. GPS passed all ground and flight tests.

New Snags:

  1. Rattling sound on final for last landing. Sounded like it came from the engine area. Need to pull the cowlings and inspect engine and airframe.

Existing Snags:

  1. RPM 2650 with prop control full forward. Need to slightly adjust the stop at the governor.
  2. SD-8 Alternator does not seem to be working. Will defer troubleshooting until engine break-in is completed, as it would be useful to check for AC output from alternator during an engine ground run.
  3. Small amount of right rudder pedal force needed in cruise. Need to add a wedge on the left side of the rudder trailing edge.
  4. Pitch trim speed of movement is slow during a touch and go. Need to try it with the pitch trim speed governor removed.