I was in Seattle all week in meetings with the FAA, and got home yesterday afternoon. I spent most of today at the hangar, intending to work on a list of things that I need to do on the aircraft someday. I got partway through that list when I discovered two new cracks in the plenum chamber cover. I had already discovered and fixed two cracks in the cover in the last few months. Today I found and repaired two more. I almost certainly need to make a more robust plenum chamber cover, but that will be a big job which I would rather tackle this winter. I'll keep repairing cracks for the time being.

Note: The plenum chamber cover is a mod that I designed myself - it is not part of Van's design. The basic concept is working well, but I have learned that I need to make it from thicker material. I also need to make some changes in shape and size to move it a bit further from the cowling, as there are marks where it hits the cowling when the engine shakes like a wet dog during startup and shutdown.

While at the airport, I ran into a young couple from Glasgow, Scotland who had stopped for fuel in a C172. They had flown into Toronto by airlines, took a bus to Lindsay, then rented the C172. They have a big trip planned to Quebec City, Mont Laurier, and eventually will return the plane to Lindsay and then head back to Scotland. Sounds like quite the adventure.