Airspeed Position Error vs IASShortly after the aircraft was painted, I did some airspeed error tests to check the airspeed error at three different speeds. I crunched the hand recorded data, and it seemed to show that the airspeed errors had changed about a knot when the aircraft was painted. I did four more test points a few flights later, but I got busy and never took another look at things.

I was in Wichita all last week, from Sunday to Sunday, and used the tiny bit of spare time I had to do a deeper analysis of the data I recorded on my laptop for these two flights. I found that the data recorded on the laptop differed somewhat from the hand recorded data. I analyzed the laptop data in exactly the same way as I had analyzed the data from the original tests, so the results are directly comparable. The latest data seems to show that the airspeed error is broadly similar to what I measured before the aircraft was painted. But, the latest data isn't quite as clean as the original data, so I will try to get some better quality data sometime in the future to put this question to bed.