I got out to the hangar one evening this week, and attacked the stuff around #2 cylinder, getting it all out of the way. I removed the baffling, exhaust pipe, intake manifold, preheater, CHT probe, spark plug wires, air filter, etc. I wanted to get it ready so I could remove the bad cylinder as soon as the new one arrives. It all went pretty smoothly except for the intercylinder baffle between the two cylinders at the bottom. That guy was a real pain to get off, and I expect it will be even more difficult to get it back in place.

Yesterday morning I drained the oil from the engine, and replaced it with mineral oil for the cylinder break-in. The new cylinder was supposed to ship on Friday, and should probably arrive sometime this week. But, I'll be on the road for most of the next two weeks. My first chance to replace the cylinder will be on the week of the 29th. After replacing the cylinder it'll take me a few hours work to reinstall all the stuff I had to remove. If my schedule and the weather cooperate, I hope to get a test flight on the first weekend in December.