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We spent Christmas in Wisconsin, visiting some of Terry's sisters, and got back home late on the 30th.

Yesterday afternoon the weather was looking pretty good here at home, and not so good later in the weekend, so I decided to try to get up for a quick flight. The ceiling was lower at Smiths Falls, but it looked to be good VFR, so I launched. The cloud bases proved to be about 1900 ft, and it was bumpy underneath with 75% power set for the cylinder break in. The autopilot handled the bumps well, but the ceiling was too low to do the climb and descent testing I had hoped to do, so I landed after 35 minutes.

After landing, given that it was quite warm, I decided to troubleshoot the Narco 122D VOR/ILS which had died sometime two or more flights ago (I noticed it wasn't working two flights ago, but hadn't looked at if for several flights before that, so I don't know when it died). I checked the fuse, and it was OK.

I had been working behind the instrument panel to install the autopilot, so there was a chance I had somehow dislodged the wiring. I dove under the panel, and found the ground wire partially pulled off its connector on the ground bus. I may have caused this when I was messing around with the ground wire for the autopilot. I also found the connector on the back of the 122D was a bit loose. I pushed the ground connector back in place, and reseated the connector on the back of the unit and now the Narco 122D works just fine. The good news is that it was a cheap fix.

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