This week I got the ailerons mounted, and adjusted the length of the pushrods so they were in neutral when the control stick is vertical. I expected that I would have to fiddle around with the pushrod lengths to get the correct up and down travel, but they were exactly where I wanted them after I sorted out the neutral position. It seems that the measurement that Van gives for the bellcrank position is bang on the money, because I had carefully adjusted it to this position when I originally fitted the ailerons to the wings, during the wing construction phase.

Then I trimmed the inboard end of the top skin on the flaps to clear the fuselage, and fabricated the flap pushrods. It took a lot of trial fits to get the trimming the way I wanted, but I finally was able to connect up a battery and run the electric flaps up and down yesterday.

Today I fabricated and fitted the brackets that bolt to the side of the fuselage to take the loads from the front inboard end of the fuel tanks (which form the inboard leading edge of the wing). Next I'll fabricate the fuel lines and the fuel tank vent lines, fit the intersection fairings between wing and fuselage, etc. I'll start the engine installation after I remove the wings.

The picture shows the left aileron in the full up position, and the flap full down. The wires sticking out the end of the aileron are to hang it from hooks after I take it back off the wing.