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This week’s planned 4.5 day long meeting got done in 3.5 days, so I took some time off Thursday afternoon to get a quick flight in as the weekend weather forecast was not so good. A cold front was going through, and I had high hopes for a strong crosswind so I could open up the envelope a bit more, but the actual crosswind never got over 15 kt. It was still good to get flying. My RV-8 landings hadn’t been completely satisfactory lately, and there was no other traffic at the airport, so I banged off six very quick touch and goes and a full stop, flying military style very tight closed patterns (stay low after lift off to build speed to the end of the runway, then a hard turning pull up to downwind, followed by a tight continuous turn to a short final).

Today Terry and I had hoped to fly to Owen Sound for their annual Wings and Wheels event. My brother lives not too far from there, and we were going to meet him. But, a low pressure system was passing through, and the ceilings were very low all morning. So, we had to cancel.

This afternoon the weather improved, so I got an instrument approach practice flight in. I did a practice Localizer Back-course approach on runway 25 at Ottawa, followed by an ILS approach to runway 32, then an RNAV approach to runway 24 at Smiths Falls.

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