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The repaired exhaust system arrived today, back from Vetterman Exhaust. The repair looks excellent. Larry Vetterman put a new piece of 0.049” stainless steel tubing on the top end of the broken #3 cylinder pipe (the original wall thickness was 0.035”). The other pipes received reinforcing plates welded on the outside of the pipe at the flange weld. The reinforcing plates are standard now on these exhaust systems. The tubing on current systems is still 0.035” as it is much lighter than 0.049” tubing”, but Larry uses 0.049” for any needed repairs.

Pictures to follow.

I hope to get the repaired exhaust system reinstalled this weekend.

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    It appears to me that it was a cold weld. The small section that was pulled away indicats to me that it was the only section that was welded correctly. The rest of the perifery just seperated.
    Is this the secound time or third time this has happened?
    Regards Roge

  • That was the first and only time that the exhaust failed at
    this location.

    Kevin Horton

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