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Saturday I reassembled the repaired exhaust system and put it back on the aircraft. I’m very glad I took a lot of pictures as I was removing it, as it is in six pieces and it wasn’t obvious how the puzzle went back together. I also had quite a number of heat shields to reinstall.

I did’t get a test flight off that day, as it was very hot and muggy and I ran out of energy before getting to the engine run stage. I’m chasing a small oil leak near the front of the engine, so I cleaned the engine up and will do a couple of short engine runs before I put the cowling back on, hoping I can see some sign of where the oil is coming from.


Here is the repaired top end of the #3 cylinder exhaust pipe. You can see the new 0.049” wall thickness pipe at the top and the new flange.


Here you can see the welded on reinforcing patches that Larry Vetterman put at the top of each of the other cylinders. These are part of the currently shipping configuration.


I hope to get the aircraft flying tomorrow.

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  • Hey Kevin,

    I had a similar oil leak about 100 hours ago. It was the crank
    seal at the front of the engine. I don't know if that is your
    problem but wipe that area clean REALLY well and you should be
    able to tell after an hour or two of flying.

    RV-8 80965

  • Mark - Thanks for the advice. I have wondered about that
    seal. It seems pretty hard to get at that area to clean and
    check for oil with the prop installed. Were you able to
    figure out it was the crank seal without removing the
    prop? Constant speed props are a bit of a bear to remove
    and reinstall.

    Kevin Horton

  • Yes, I could tell without removing the prop. That being
    said, I have a Catto fixed pitch and it is about a 5 minute
    job to remove. Sorry :-)

    IIRC, there was oil around the front of the seal and it even
    ran down the bottom of the crankcase. Not very much, mind
    you. In fact, I never saw drips on the ground, but I would
    get an oil burning smell a couple minutes after starting
    which would go away after 30 seconds or so. I traced the
    drips on the exhaust up the front of the crankcase after I
    removed the cowl. This all happened between oil changes, so
    I hadn't had the cowl off in the interim.

    RV-8 80965

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