I had a great sleep in Brunswick, and was airborne shortly after 0800 on my way to Lakeland, FL. The tailwinds of the day before had abated to less than 10 kt, the land was flat, flat, flat, and the ride was smooth. I had flight planed a route around a bunch of Restricted Areas and Military Operations Areas, but ATC said no of them were active, so I went direct to SNF.

The SNF arrival was not too busy, but there was one bozo in a Seneca who didn’t follow the published route of flying at the power station on Lake Parker west bound. I was in a line of arrivals flying over the power station westbound, when I saw the Seneca on a collision course from the north. I waited for him to realize that he was cutting into line and break off, but he kept coming. I broke out of line and headed back to the east to get into line again. The second attempt was a winner, and I was soon on the ground at SNF. Yeah!

I kept showing my “HBC” windscreen sign, and followed the marshallers’ directions. Eventually I got stopped by a nice lady who said that someone must have misread my sign, and I was heading for Homebuilt Parking, not Homebuilt Camping. She rounded up a couple of escorts on Harleys, and I followed them down runway 05/23 to get to HBC. It took over 20 minutes of taxiing, but I eventually ended up parked in the right place.


Unloading the aircraft and setting up the camp site went smoothly enough, except for the fact that I had forgotten to pack a hammer to pound in the spikes of my tie downs. I need to add “Hammer” to my big fly-in packing checklist. Fortunately a guy two aircraft down had a hammer I could borrow.


After getting set up I looked at the site map to try to figure out where I was. The map I had was like the sign in the photo, except it was printed on paper that gradually dissolves in your shirt pocket from the sweat of spring in Florida.


At first I couldn’t find Homebuilt Camping on the map at all, but I finally spied those magic words and an arrow on the right side, indicating that I was located off the east edge of the map of the known universe.