I spent the last two weeks in Wichita, KS, getting back home on Friday. It was a busy trip, with a bunch of ground and flight testing on two Global Express avionics updates. One of the flights went to the airport at Telluride, CO, to assess SVS performance. We hit a fairly significant windshear on short final to runway 9, so we did a go-around and I tried runway 27, which worked much better.

Final for runway 9 in Telluride.


The SVS image on final for runway 9. The SVS was well behaved, and it gives a very good depiction of the terrain ahead of the aircraft. This would provide a very aid to situational awareness at night, or when flying an instrument approach.


Final turn for runway 27. They’ve done a lot of work to partially fill in the bowl that the runway is in since I was first there in 2008.