I spent several hours at the hangar today. The big accomplishment was getting the engine back on the engine mount. Those dynafocal mounts are a real bear to install, due to the fact that all four bolts are at an angle, pointing towards the centre of the engine. You can’t get the last bolt to line up unless the other three bolts are tight, to pull the engine into place. But, with the engine pulled tightly into place it is not possible to wiggle the fourth rubber mount bushing to get the hole in it to line up with the hole in the engine. You end up having to loosen the bolts a bit so the last mounting bushing can be moved, then prying it into alignment with a padded screwdriver.

I’ve still got one of the four mount bolts to torque, as I forgot the modified wrench I need for the top left one at home.

This is the part of the plans that show the details of the dynafocal mount.

Sunday I hope to get the prop installed. Then I’ll still have a long list of things to reinstall or hookup - baffles, cables, hoses, wires, etc.