• Wings

    Building and maintaining the wings

  • Finishing Kit

    Installing and maintaining the canopy, wheels, brakes, wheel pants, and all the other 90% of the project after you think you are 90% of the way there

  • Engine and Prop

    Installing and maintaining the engine, propeller, and anything else ahead of the firewall, except the cowling

  • Cowling

    Installing and maintaining the cowling

  • Instrument Panel

    Installing and maintaining the instrument panel, the instruments and avionics

  • Final Assembly

    Assembling the big pieces into an airplane, and sorting out the million final details

  • Flight Test

    Everything to do with flight testing the aircraft, including instrument calibrations, flight test data recording, etc

  • Paint Scheme

    The Golden Hawks paint scheme, from conception to having the aircraft professionally painted

  • RV-1

    Items related to the RV-1 - the modified Stits Playboy aircraft that started the RV story.

  • Non-RV Flying

    Items related to flying non-RV aircraft, for work or pleasure

  • Non-RV

    Items not directly related to Van's RV aircraft, such as work travel, personal vacation, etc

  • Site News

    News specific to the web site, the software running the site, the web host, etc.

  • Site Meta

    Content that is part of the basic site structure, such as Frequently Asked Questions, my bio, etc

  • RV-10

    Items related to the four seat RV-10